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Top 3 Calendar Apps To Plan Your Life


The most basic way is to have a full-proof way to ensure that your meetings, appointments, and deadlines are clear and foolproof. Check out my personally selected the top 3 calendar apps that will make life easier.

As we get acquainted with the digital realm nowadays, one significant tool you must have (and actively use) on your phone, tablet, or PC is a Calendar app. Even though I’ve always loved the tactile feel of pen and paper, the digital utility of a digital calendar is so much more practical than the analog, and you should highly consider making the switch if possible.

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
-Henry Thoreau

I’ve personally selected the top 3 calendar apps based on reviews, features, and device compatibility.

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar App

Get it from Web, Android, and iOS.

The first one that we will discuss on the Top 3 calendar apps is the Google Calendar.

What can you do with this Calendar app? Well, it has plenty of nifty features that you can use. Above all, it’s so simple to navigate so there’s nothing to fret. You simply need to have your Gmail address to start.

You can almost do everything for your solo schedules and even for you team’s event. Quickly start by scheduling and creating an event. Then you can add guests and location as you like, write descriptions and attachments, and set up notifications. Others may send an invite to you and you can respond to them too. In addition, you may opt to manage events, get an update, check guest attendance, and delete and restore deleted events too. By the way, you can create reminders so you won’t miss them out.

If you are working with a team, then this is definitely perfect for you. Because you can share your calendar and view other’s calendars, as well. Or why not create a shared calendar for your team? You can import and export events and calendars. Be sure to maximize the use of this calendar by customizing its look and integrating other Google apps. You can open your notes in Google Keep and to-do list apps in Google Tasks too.

2. iCloud Calendar

iCloud Calendar

Download it for free on your Apple devices.

Got an iOS, iPadOS device, or Mac computer? You have this default calendar app that syncs your calendar entries in ALL your Apple devices. Or you may also log on to from the web to access your Apple Calendar. iCloud account is all you need. Simple, right?

This calendar is flexible that it allows you to obtain information and details from other calendar apps like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and many more.

It offers everything you need from a calendar with stylish and limitless functionalities. With just a tap of your finger, you can create or add an event instantly; consisting of Title, Location, detailed Schedule, Alarm, Reminder, Invitees, and even Notes and URL. More to it is the birthday notification from your contacts, email, and so on. You won’t miss out on greeting and surprising important people in your life.
Never forget Siri, though. It plays a vital role in all apple devices. Siri suggests what you might want to do next, people you previously included, or events on your Calendar. An exclusive intuitive feature that gives an extra level of closeness to users.

3. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

It is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Web.

Make the most out of Microsoft’s Outlook with its very own Calendar. In order to keep up on the game of advancements with Google, Yahoo, and Apple, Microsoft Company upgraded its Office Suite with its key product versions. Of course, they did not disappoint us.

Connect. Organize. Microsoft Outlook gives us the powerful feels of having an intelligent management application. From email, notes, tasks, and contacts, you get to check them on your computer in a single view on this app.
Almost a ubiquitous platform to all users, Microsoft basically has this advantage to all employees and students. Work with the team by sharing your calendar with the team with privacy and use built-in Office apps. When I say privacy, you can select which information others can see. Expand your navigation. You may view your day, week, or an entire year in a glance or with multiple calendars side-by-side in one display. It allows you to multitask and be productive all throughout.

Outlook Calendar does more so you can do more every day.

What I presented is the most readily available tool and The Top 3 Calendar Apps that will make your life and career a lot easier to plan. This digital tool is just a support framework to reach your goals. Because the only way to take action is to have it scheduled in your life. Get a good grasp of features and functionalities you want to look for in your digital calendar. See if it is compatible with your device. You can write down everything to keep you organized. (If you feel overwhelmed and lost, you may also seek professional advice and support to keep you streamlined to all your personal and business ventures ahead.[keep this sentence in the sheet because I think I want to add this back on later when I have multiple services available, but not right now])

In conclusion, remember to implement concrete actions on those plans. Stay on track, even with little progress at times. Eventually, you realize that careful scheduling, planning, and organizing your target goals take you to greater heights.

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