Spyglass Realty

You can hire a VA, you can save a lot of money and they can be really efficient.
But if you don't set up the processes correctly, you're going to fail.


Kelly Meng 

So I want to talk about Kelly Meng and her experience with me.

I am Ryan Rodenbeck and I am the CEO of Spyglass Realty, we have about 100 agents in Austin.

Kelly started with me at 19 years old, as a summer paid intern, and then became my marketing assistant, and then my marketing director. In the process of this, we started working heavily with VAs. virtual assistants.

And Kelly really spearheaded the processes that we use to this day, which is organizing the training of each VA and making sure that they were managed, and they were handled properly, she set up the processes of standard operating procedures.

And handling a VA is different than handling an employee because you’re not going to see them every day, right?

So what she had to do with this was make it very foolproof in order that if one VA was gone, then the next VA could go in right then and know exactly what to do. And that starts with documenting each process, not just on video, which a lot of people think that that’s what you need to do, but also on documents that show you when you do this, when this happens, you do this, the next button you press is this. And you really have to be super detail oriented, to have a VA be successful to your company.

And I cannot tell you how great a job Kelly has done for us. And I recommend her to anyone that’s using VAs because I as a real estate broker am traveling to conferences all the time.

And I talk to people and they say, Oh, we tried VAs and it didn’t work. Well, you didn’t do it, right. That’s the simple thing on it, right?

You can hire a VA, you can save a lot of money and they can be really efficient. But if you don’t set up the processes, right, you’re going to fail.

And that’s why I totally recommend Kelly Meng and her company for anything you’re doing with any hiring of any VA the different roles that we hire for we’ve hired for and a Kelly hires for ongoing. There’s Contract-to-Close, social media manager, social media assistant, you know, account manager, you know, receptionist like that’s a big one that she’s doing now that she’s working for us right now to hire because we’re using Ruby receptionists and we’re paying a whole lot of money and they’re not they’re good as far as answering the phone, but I want someone that’s going to say, okay, this person needs to be contacted. If, if this is a someone to actually be able to tell if it’s a solicitation, because like Ruby charges per minute, and it’s like a four minute thing for someone just trying to sell me some, I don’t know, signs or whatever, right? So that’s a big thing.

There’s a variety of different positions that you can hire for and it’s really kind of unlimited video editing, for instance, right? That’s a huge one. It saves a lot of money.

So those are the roles that Kelly can hire for.