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Goalsetting Tips as 2021 Begins


If you’re planning to bounce back this 2021 and want to set goals for yourself, then read on as we share some helpful goal-setting tips. 

This year has been very challenging for all of us. Many have lost their jobs, businesses, and even the lives of people close to them. It’s hard to imagine, but the year is about to end and finally, we are seeing some good news because of the approval of vaccines.

Helpful Tips to Achieve Your Goals in 2021

Get clear on your “Why”

This is the first goal-setting tip you need to do, you need to get clear on why you want to achieve your goals. Know the reason behind it and why it’s important to you. 

To give you an example, if your goal for 2021 is to get fit, know the reason why you want to get fit. Is it because all your friends are planning to do it? Or is it because you want to look good and become healthier? 

Knowing the reason why you want to achieve your goal is what will motivate you and will give you a sense of purpose. It should be something that you really care about and will make you a better person. 

Write down your goals

When you don’t have something in writing then it simply doesn’t exist. Writing down your goals is like writing a contract or agreement with yourself that you are committed to achieving those goals. It will help you hold yourself accountable and will help to track your progress along the way. 

Another reason why you need to put it in writing is for you to be constantly reminded. A lot of things happen to us every day and you don’t want your goals to just slip your mind. Seeing your goal often will not only help you remember it but also help you to stay on track. 

Have a specific goal and plan 

Going back to our example of getting fit, you need to be more specific and have a target weight instead. In this way, you can create a plan and necessary steps you can take to achieve your desired weight. When you have a specific goal, it will also be easier to track and you’ll be able to know if you already reached that goal. 

If your goal is to save money this coming year, be specific, and set a target amount. If you’re planning to save $20,000 at the end of 2021, you can break this amount on per month basis. So you only need to save $1,667 per month to reach your goal. Basically, each month would be a step that gets you closer to your overall goal. 

Share your goals with people you trust

Another goal-setting tip is sharing your goals with people you trust can help you increase the possibility of achieving them. Why do we say so? If you set goals and don’t share them with anyone, it’s no big deal if you don’t achieve them as you would be the only person who knew about your secret goal. You would want to achieve your goal because you don’t want to be seen as someone who can’t walk the talk. 

Having someone that knows your goal can also see your progress and may give you some tips and feedback. They might also be interested in your goals and decide to join you in achieving them. You can have accountability partners that can remind you if you lost interest or motivation along the way. 

Make sure to review your goals

Your goals are an ongoing process and constantly reviewing them is imperative if you want to succeed. As you move along in reaching them, taking time to review your progress will help you stay on track and will help prevent you from losing focus. 

Reviewing your goals will subconsciously help your mind remember and retain that information. You will also able to revisit the plans you made on how to achieve them. Set aside time for your review. Make sure you are in no rush and your environment is conducive to a quiet reflection.

Final Note 

Setting goals for yourself is one of the best things you can do not only this coming new year but in your entire life. Our goals are one of the reasons why we wake up each day motivated to work on something. Goals help us live our life to the fullest. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you will know where you have to concentrate your efforts.

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