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How To Commit To The Goals You Set For Yourself: Your Ultimate Guide


The words goals and commitment are always connected in every aspect of life. Goals are often associated with personal achievements, future ideals, and career successes. Commitment gives a sense of responsibility and perseverance to ourselves and the thing we earnestly aspire. What steps have you taken to commit to the goals you set?

Have you ever thought of the things you want in life? Did you stay committed to the plans for your goals? It feels extremely frustrating when you fail on those plans, right? Things happen. It is a never-ending goal setting, trying and pushing ourselves to our limits, failing and then eventually, succeeding. 

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“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” – Jack Ma

Do not be deterred from your goals and plans. In this article, I have come up with an ultimate foolproof guide on how to stay committed to the goals you set without making constant alterations. 

  • Breakdown Your goal

Big GOALS -> current sub-goals -> specific actions

Once you’ve chosen a goal, broke it into small sub-goals and tasks it will be much easier to commit to goals. Come up with a clear and well-defined broad goal then try having a minimal breakdown of sub-goals. And yep, don’t bother planning every step. Listing down specific actions that support these sub-goals would suffice. At the end of the day, once you’ve done those specified actions you are a step closer to your goals. 

  • Doing Over Learning

Learning is a constant process. Whatever we do in life, requires us to learn something new. In the course of committing to the goals, it is best to prioritize doing over learning. There’s always room for growth and learning. Learn as you go, just when you need it. So smash those learning time barriers that are keeping you from doing. Don’t waste your time learning everything in advance, unless you possess some kind of perfect memory (which you most likely don’t). Make things happen by doing and taking the actions you set for. 

  •  “Planning” Time vs. “Doing” Time

Envision achieving your desired goal. Think about the plans and ideas you have in mind. Planning is essential during the entire process. However, you must exert more time and effort working on those plans. Planning sets a clearcut process for you, but spending too much “planning” time will keep you stagnant. Instead, make sure the blocks of “doing” time greatly outnumber the blocks of “planning” time. Always bear in mind that “planning” time is completely different from “doing” time. 

  • Commit yourself to consistency

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It is what you do regularly and consistently. Commit to delivering something regularly. I assure you, it is life-changing.

For many people, planning and learning become a kind of procrastination. No matter how small it is, make sure you take a concrete step towards your goal each day (or week). Never let learning or planning gets in the way of delivering. Mitigate other distractions that would keep you sidetracked, as well. 

  • Be SMART

You may have heard about the SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) across the internet and in books. It seems to be the simplest rule when setting and committing to the goal. Yet, it’s powerful and highly recognized by most people.   

Narrow your scope and specify your goals. Make your goals objectively measurable and actionable. Focus on the life and career you want, then set your goals relevant to it. Again, time is gold. Set deadlines or create a timeline for your goals. 

  • Set Milestones

Think about where you are headed and give yourself less time. If you have measurable goals, then creating significant milestones is stress-free. Mark your calendars with ‘X’ in the future. It keeps on you on track of your daily or weekly progress in the future. If you miss the milestone, shut down the project, no excuses. Then find a project you care enough to finish. 

Claim it and commit to your goals!

Believe in the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts attract reality in your life. The most important outlook to have in mind is claiming that you’re going to achieve your goal even before starting them. Start working on what you want in life with positivity. 

Above all, remain steadfast in pursuit of your goals. Anticipate failures along the way but never give up and never give in. Stay inspired in achieving your goals and always find a reason to keep going.

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