Digital Decluttering: Ways To Organize Your Computer


Random files on your desktop, scattered downloads, slow browser, and terrible eye strain, are you guilty with either one of these? You probably need a Digital Decluttering. Our computers have become a necessity nowadays where we store everything from personal to work files. The problem here is that when your files are disorganized your device becomes a war zone.

Digital decluttering is not just about sorting your files and folder or cleaning your desktop. I listed down 7 ways on how to organize your computer to help you become more efficient and productive. 

1. Clear Out Downloads + Desktop

Did you know that too many files on these folders can slow your computer? A slow computer = huge hassle. Make it a habit of organizing your files to its designated folder instead of saving it to the desktop. Once a download arrives, don’t just let it sit there, here’s a really easy tip: cut and paste files onto their folders. Click on a file once + Command C + locate its designated folder, Command V. (Replace Command to Ctrl if you’re a Windows user).

2. Clean Your Computer Once A Week

Spend a few minutes to clean your PC. This will help boost its performance, alert you for any malware, clear the cache, and other computer data that takes up space within your device. Maintenance will always be the key to optimize your PC’s health. Also, don’t forget to power it down at least once a week!

organized desktops a step to digital declutter

3. Cut Down Apps + Chrome Extensions You Don’t Use

If your Chrome browser is slowing down, you might want to check up on the extensions you are not using and remove it! Every time a webpage loads, all of your Chrome extensions load too. The unused apps installed on you are also heavy for your PC. Check on your Activity Monitor/Task Manager and you’ll see unused apps that are running in the background.

4. Cleanup Bookmarks

One of the best ways to organize your computer is by sorting your browser’s Bookmarks by adding them within folders or removing them from your Bookmarks Bar. If you are saving a lot of articles/blogs to be read soon, you might want to check out this Chrome extension called “Pocket”. This extension will also allow you to read blogs without the annoying ads on the sides!

5. Turn On Night Shift

I do this 24/7 and it stopped my eyes from hurting all day, every day. If you sit hours right in front of your computer, turn on Night Shift! (Night Light for Windows)

organized gmail inbox to declutter emails

6. Inbox 0

If you haven’t read those emails by now, chances are, you’ll never actually read it. When you receive emails/subscriptions you don’t want to receive, quickly unsubscribe from it. I know it gets sorted to the Social and Promotions tab, but it’s still going to be classified as clutter. Unsubscribe from emails you don’t need, it’ll give a great effect on your inbox!

7. Use Cloud Storage

Cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox will not just free up space on your computer but will also enable you to access your files ANYWHERE. Saving files on your cloud storage is one of the convenient ways to store data and also means less clutter to your computer.

These tips can be a big help in your Digital Decluttering journey. While our devices can be a great tool to increase our productivity, there are instances where we tend to do anything that is convenient for us not knowing that in the long run, dealing with a computer filled with clutter affects our focus and the way we work.

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