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Communication and Why You Suck at it


I’m just kidding, you probably don’t suck at it.

But more than likely, there is work that could be done, and that’s what you’re about to read.

First, why do we communicate to begin with? A meta question that needs to be answered before we start solving an undetermined issue. At the heart of communication, it is about changing another person’s actions or mental state. Simply put, persuasion.

So when we communicate with others and with ourselves, how can we make our message as clear as possible? And what is the most effective way to go about that?

Let’s draw a metaphor. You are an archer and your message is the arrow. You step up and aim for the bullseye – that’s the objective of your communication. Maybe you want your boss to understand why you deserve a raise, or your friends to visit the new Asian-Ethiopian fusion gastropub that will definitely be your new hang out spot (it wasn’t).

When an archer misses the bullseye, she does not blame the target. The arrow that goes astray is the result of poor marksmanship, which also holds true to communication. Whether the situation is professional or casual, it is your job to hit the bullseye with your messages.

The primary reason why I wanted to start writing was to strengthen my communication strategy and increase my interpersonal skills. And I can go on and on about all the glorious things I’ve learned, but I’ll sum it up with this.

Your purpose for communication is to set an example and encourage a common sense of purpose.

Before you say your next pitch, craft your next presentation, or submit your next proposal, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I creating a unified story to be told?
  • Is your passion clear in this?
  • Is my call to action something that others will want to join in?
  • Is your thought organized?
  • Would this excite others?
  • Do you know what questions to ask?

Start there and aim to hit your communication bullseye every time.

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