A Utilitarian’s Review Of iPad Air 3: After Three Weeks


Known for its top tier technological advancements, Apple releases innovative iPad versions every year with salient features targeting the right audience.

I had been thinking about buying an iPad for months but never bit the bullet. I did some practical research on which iPad to buy. Of course, I will never **not** be captivated by iPad Pro…the sleek design, the seamless bezels, and powerful processor enough to render my current desktop obsolete. Although significant, the powerful specs aren’t necessary by any means to me. Nor spending more money for the exquisite aesthetic feature it provides (i.e. the Apple pencil 2 and the ability to magnetically click on the side, or the Face ID).

Instead, I was rooting to buy the iPad Air 3 which has almost the same premium features as the latter. The iPad Air 3 soared in the market with wide and stylish display, powerful performance, comprehensible features, and way more affordable compared to iPad.

Not to forget the law of diminishing returns that happens between the iPad Pro and iPad Air. One of my favorite you tubers, Ali Abdaal put it perfectly in this video. Being more expensive to most people, iPad Pro is packed with best of the best features. Even so, iPad Air 3’s price tag is reasonably affordable but still giving the users the powerful processor, display and features that Apple is always known for. This definitely sets the line as to which sells in the market.

So, I’m going to do my best to review about iPad Air after using it for three or more weeks now. I’m no expert about in-depth context of this device as much as a tech reviewer.

What I’ll be sharing to you are my personal experiences with iPad Air 3 and how it fits into my life as a fairly utilitarian person.

1. The pairing with Apple Pencil 1 is phenomenal.

The ability to write manually without feeling guilty about wasting paper is a true phenomenon. It’s PAPERLESS. I need to write, draft, revise, and edit countless times with my work. And, this iPad Air 3 is almost perfect. A newer option would be compatibility with the Apple Smart Keyboard which would fit for my long writings. But my Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is perfect for me right now for iPad and desktop.

2. Easy to use features.

This is a no-frills device making it easy to manipulate especially when editing texts. I know. All devices allow us to edit or change any texts we type in. But its user-friendly features for texts, edits, and graphics has completely eliminated the friction between me and my creative work.

3. Overall cleaner for the environment.

Since I won’t be replacing this iPad for the next couple of years, there would be less paper to use and no disposal of device. So long as I can contribute for a greener environment, I will do so. Replacing old phones, outdated TV and obsolete tablets for newer models adds up the pile of electronic waste. Improper disposal of e-wastes can lead to pollution. As such, purchasing devices like iPad Air for long term purposes can help keep our environment safe.

4. The home button is still pretty good for me, at least.

On a personal note, the analog home button is more satisfying to use. There is a sense of familiarity but still new and serving its features like Touch ID. Even though this is still available in the newest model of the Air.

5. Enough processing speed for me and my need.

My work basically requires a lot of writing and other digital productions. I do play Sims too. I’m actually a fiend for Sims FreePlay. The iPad Air has A12 Bionic processor providing powerful performance. With that being said, iPad Air is more than enough for my work and personal needs.

Unrelated to my review but more something that I chose to do with my device. I refuse to install any video streaming – related like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube. By doing this, I am less inclined to making it into another video-watching machine. I can focus on the task at hand and will get the job done without switching tabs for movies and series.

My verdict? In many ways, I see iPad Air as a lot more beneficial and superior for me without costing too much. This everyday go-to iPad Air 3 inevitably yields me to a productive and best output especially with creative stuff like blog writing, planning, and organizing. And for those reasons, I am glad I decided to buy it although the new iPad Air 4 just came out. I like it the way it is. It allows me to create things with best quality.

Do always note that it doesn’t have to be expensive and up-to-date to experience the best. And if you are seeking the best bang for your buck, highly recommend checking out the video from Ali Abdaal about the best iPad for you.

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